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Cameron’s Recomended Reading: Michael Wilson

I’ve come to greatly appreciate the intellectual depth and range of Charles Cameron ever since having been “introduced” to him (in the online sense) by my seagoing friend, Web 2.0 visioneer Critt Jarvis. Today, Charles pointed me to a veritable archive of writings by Michael Wilson, a futurist, scholar and former member of the IC. Some of the ideas and conclusions that I have been working toward on this blog these past few years were literally being advocated by Wilson well over a decade ago.

I’ve only just begun to look at these and I’m posting them here for those readers whose interests gravitate toward issues of intel analysis and futurism:

7Pillars Partners – Papers by Michael Wilson

Continual & Complete Intelligence: A 21st Century Approach


Charles Cameron is cordially invited to expand on the subject of Mr. Wilson and I will happily publish such remarks here.

One Response to “Cameron’s Recomended Reading: Michael Wilson”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    Hi Zen:
    I just ran across this 2008 post of yours while looking for a Michael Wilson reference for an upcoming review I’m working on.
    Forgive me, I should have replied earlier!

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