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Recommended Reading

No top billing today – just an array of interesting links.

Nick Carr -“Von Ahn’s Gwap

All of us may someday teach a computer to be smarter than…well…all of us.

DANGER ROOM -“Secret Strobelight Weapons of World War II

There’s actually quite a few bizarre, experimental, weapons of this period that never quite made it to the “big time” without a military-industrial complex to push square pegs into round holes.

Thomas P.M. Barnett -“Barnett: What will America do when Iran gets nuclear weapons?”

Tom argues that the Osirak option is not going to work with Iran and we need to jump down the road to a different dynamic.

Progresive Historians (Robert Ellman) – “An Interview With Iranian Expert and Journalist Barbara Slavin

Thought this fit well with Tom’s aticle above as  Slavin has a new book on Iranian-American relations out. I need to expand on my comment about Mosadegh that I left there sometime later today.

Wizards of OzThermodynamics & Resilience

Shane puts on his particle physicist’s cap and tackles John Robb’s latest work in progress on resilient communities

Small Wars Journal – “Third World Experience in Counterinsurgency

COIN by a Soviet proxy state intervening in another state.

Michael Gove MP -“Various interesting science and technology” and “Various interesting science and technology (2)

Featuring a Kurzweill link.

Charles Murray -“The age of educational romanticism:On requiring every child to be above average

The author of The Bell Curve and Losing Ground joins the growing conservative activist chorus against No Child Left Behind. Hat tip to The Fourthcheckraise.

Bruce Kesler -” New GOP: Freedom Vs. “Biggies”

Bruce calls for a seamless garment conservatism.

CTLab -“Smuggler’s Round-Up

A grab-bag on the sherpas and mule-drivers of Black Globalization.

Quadrant Magazine -“Will China Fail?”

Book review. Hat tip to Lexington Green.

That’s it!

2 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. M. Simon Says:

    Re: Danger Room – The Canal Defense light was described in  Jasper Maskelyne’s book "Magic: Top Secret". I always wondered what it was about. It seems it was particular effective against piloted aircraft.

  2. M. Simon Says:

    I got it wrong. It was described in War Magician.

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