Testing the Nerd Quotient of the Readership

Ok – who among this heavily GenX audience can name these relatively obscure characters?:

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  1. FantomPlanet:

    Uh… Judge Dread?

  2. Ian Taylor:

    That would be Judge Dredd and Judge Death. Collecting hundreds of dollars worth of comics finally paid off!!!

  3. Selil:

    Duh. Judge Dredd… Looks like it is from the 2000AD series, Judge Death being a "zombie" and all. 

  4. zen:

    Ian Taylor wins the coveted Simpson Comic Book Guy Award ( Sorry Selil, Judge Death is technically speaking, not a zombie)
    . .

  5. Ian Taylor:

    I proudly accept this on behalf of my parents, for without their allowance money, I could never have broken my piggy bank at the comic book store every week.

  6. deichmans:

    Cool pic.  I have some old Judge Dredd comics (along with the first 30 or 40 issues of American Flagg) in my "Collectibles" box.

  7. Cernig:

    What’s obscure about Death and Dredd? The biggest selling Brit comix issues ever involved those two.  Now, if you’d had a pic of Finn, or DR & Quinch…

    Regards, C

  8. Cernig:

    Oh, and Borag Thungg, earthlets!

  9. Sean Meade:

    just wanted to add belatedly that i knew Judge Dredd, but not the thing on the left 😉

  10. zen:

    Hi Cernig,
    Dredd was grouped in the "alternative/independent" section of the comic shop on this side of the pond. The others I’ve never heard of, I must admit.

  11. Ski:

    Good old Judge Death and Judge Dredd.  A crying shame what Hollywood did to this classic comic…Stallone as Dredd? Please….

    When I was in Afghanistan, I worked with a very quirkly British Intel officer…we soon became friends – I had lived in London for 7 years during the 80’s – as a Yank no less- and loved the 2000AD comic newspaper/tabloid. 

    I mentioned DR and Quinch as being my favorite all time comic, and his eyes bugged out and he started laughing uncontrollably.  He never thought a Yank would ever know about such an obscure comic strip like DR and Quinch…pure gold that strip was. 

    2000AD was the best comic book/tabloid, etc.  ever.  Strontium Dog, Torquemada, so many other great comics…