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Abu Muqawama “Retires”

In a bold move, “Abu Muqawama” a.k.a Andrew Exum has announced his departure from blogging in order to devote more time to his academic career and consulting. The good news is that Abu Muqawama, the excellent group COIN blog, will continue on as before under the stewardship of Erin “Charlie” Simpson, Kip, Londonstani, Dr.iRack and others yet to be named.

Best wishes to Mr. Exum in his academic career. Abu Muqawama, which he created, has been a daily “must-read” for me for some time, a smart, fast-paced, very successful blog that manages to regularly demonstrate both analytical depth and irreverent humor about serious foreign policy and defense problems. I look forward to seeing the evolution of Abu Muqawama 2.0 with new personalities and areas of expertise.

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