The Clausewitz Roundtable: Lexington Green’s Introduction

The Roundtable has begun.

Lexington Green  – here.

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  1. Lexington Green:

    Five posts up on the first day, so far. 
    With 22 contributors, some of whom may only post intermittently, we still have a lot to look forward to, even for this first week.
    All the world eagerly awaits Zenpundit’s contribution!

  2. YT:

    LG & Zen : With so much expert opinion @ The Roundtable, I’ ll take the black pieces while you dudes can take white. Don’t wanna post somethin’ too simple.

  3. World News » Admin Note: in DC:

    […] Clausewitz Roundtable is all week. Despite what you think, the C-man remains applicable in today’s Global Information Environment […]