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Mind Reading: Harvesting the Neural Nets

This is simply amazing and the ultimate in Orwellian thought police technology ( Hat tip to Bill Petti).

3 Responses to “Mind Reading: Harvesting the Neural Nets”

  1. tdaxp Says:

    From education to counterinsurgency, the possibilities are breathtaking.There may not be a "singularity," but we are in a revolution that makes the industrial revolution seem quaint. The magnitude of change between before computers, and whenever these technologies are mature, will be as great as the magnitude of change caused by the agricultural revolution.

  2. zen Says:

    Agreed. If you can pull signal patterns out of areas of the brain and reconstruct them as images, why wouldn’t the reverse be possible to put some in – sort of like the Matrix or Neuromancer? Or record a person’s brain for "re-loading" in case of traumatic brain injury or stroke ? And this is just one strand of research

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