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Duelling buses

[ by Charles Cameron — a contribution to media studies ]


Feeling more than usually (ir)religious?  Wanna have an argument?

Advertise on (or in) a bus!


That’s how the British do it.

American humanists weren’t far behind their British cousins, either…


The bus proclaiming the late Lubavitcher rebbe as King Moshiach goes with the motto: “Just add in goodness and kindness” — not so far from the humanists’ “just be good for goodness’ sake”…

Ah, but what of Islam?


This business of religious argument appears to be a never-ending story…


Those buses will catch you coming or going, inside or out…


But you know, from a theological point of view, I think I’ll let the Metro bus company in that second Judgment Day image have the final word, commenting on the advertisement’s proclamation of May 21st — less than a week away as we speak — with its own small midrash in lights:


2 Responses to “Duelling buses”

  1. Bryan Alexander Says:

    Has anyone done a Cthulhu version yet?

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    You mean (turns eyes away helplessly) like this

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