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Fred Leland on the Break it Down Show

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“]

 Walpole Police Lt.

Jon & Pete bring Fred Leland to the Break it Down Show

Fred is no stranger to readers at ZP. Co-author (with Don Vandergriff) of The Adaptive Leadership Handbook, Fred is  a police lieutenant, former sheriff’s deputy and Marine “….is the Founder and Principal Trainer of LESC: Law Enforcement & Security Consulting and a certified instructor. He specializes in homeland security exercise and evaluation programs (HSEEP), red teaming, ongoing deadly action (active shootings), handling dynamic and violent encounters, recognizing the signs and signals of danger(body language), police operational art, use of force, and decision making under pressure. He develops leaders with the adaptive leadership methodology. His focus is translating theory to practice and facilitating training workshops to law enforcement, military, public and private, campus and university security professionals, in an effort to continually improve officer safety and effectiveness.

Listen to Jon and Pete interview Fred Leland

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