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Milt Rosenberg has pointed on his blog to an H-Net book review of Micheal Burleigh’s The Third Reich: A New History – a book I’m about half finished reading. I too recommend that you read the review (as well as the book) but here’s my take thus far on Burleigh. It’s excellent – to sum it up, even more than Ian Kershaw, Burleigh demystifies the glamor of evil that enshrouds Nazi Germany as a historical subject. His thesis meshes nicely with that of Paul Berman’s analysis of Islamism as a phenomena deeply influenced by 20th century totalitarianism in Terror and Liberalism. “Political Religion ” appears to be an analytical trend these days.

Speaking of which….

Jeff at Caerdroia has an interesting essay ” A Broader Jihad ” on the congruent nihilism of various totalitarian philosophies and Islamism posted today.

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