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Friday, July 23rd, 2004


More HUMINT. More and varied analysts with linguistic skills. Coordination of the IC  in an an ” Intelligence War Cabinet ” headed by a real spymaster DCI with open-door Oval Office access and the National Security Advisor as vice-chairman.  Currently the CIA seems to do little other than reanalyze, repeatedly, intel that collected by the SIGINT agencies, the DIA and the individual branch MI services – all of which have analyzed the same data before passing it along. We need to get the CIA back into robust intel collection and recruitment of agents of influence, who are actually more important than mere ” spies” in the long run.

America needs an intel “Czar”  like we need another Church Committee.

Friday, July 23rd, 2004


Allen Weinstein’s nomination to head the National Archives goes forward. Zenpundit wishes Dr. Weinstein a swift and speedy confirmation.  Weinstein has attracted much partisan animus from the Left due to his research and writings on the guilt of Soviet spy Alger Hiss.

Friday, July 23rd, 2004


Will see scattered light posting with the possibility of a strategic discussion tonight. I’m preparing for a trip on Saturday so I’m not going to get any deep-thinking time until the evening.

Friday, July 23rd, 2004


Harbinger of the future. We will eventually only use pilots for those missions where critical judgement is required.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004


The tribulations of Sandy Berger are likely to get worse before they get better.

Let me preface my comments by saying that the political effect of this stupidity does not bring joy to my right-of-center heart.  Berger was a heavyweight voice of reason on foreign policy in Democratic circles and his departure from the Kerry camp will only make things easier for the doves, transnational progressives and out and out America -hating left to influence that party’s agenda. Bleah. Not good for America.

My analysis: Berger was not ” stealing secrets “, more or less he probably knew generally what those documents said, having read them previously at least a couple of times while he was Clinton’s APNSA. He’s a patriot and that shouldn’t be doubted for a second by anyone.

No, what this seems to be is a corner-cutting, political dirty-tricks move typical of the Clinton crowd in one of their innumerable clumsy attempts to cover their own ineptitude  coupled with their usual “rules are made for other people” arrogance.  Berger was at the Archives at Clinton’s request, looking for specific documents in order to ” clean the files ” temporarily so the Clinton record on terror would look marginally less embarrassing.  Yes, it’s illegal and yes Berger knew that beforehand like few others.

Probably Richard Clark had a strong ” get bin Laden ” recommendation in his after-action report that Bill Clinton personally nixed or something of that nature.  Now Berger will be forced, by Bill Clinton, to go through the usual stonewalling  and blame the VRWC non-response that will inflame the scandal to about five orders of magnitude more than it is worth.  Berger is now stuck taking the hit by his old boss and it will probably destroy him professionally. 

Kerry was right to distance himself as Berger is obviously  Clinton’s man, not his but the scandal will stick to Kerry regardless – and if Kerry knew about theses hi-jinks, it should.

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