Resting on my Laurels

I noticed this morning that last month I hit the five year mark as a blogger. Last week, at some point, I went over 250,000 hits. The interesting thing is that it took me almost five years to accumulate 200,000 hits but only five months to rack up the next 50,000+ .  A good trend in my view, for which I would like to thank my readers and commenters – it is your interest and stimulating feedback that makes Zenpundit worth doing.

In honor of this anniversary, I’m taking the day off and will return to blogging Sunday night. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks!

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  1. John M.:

    Rest well, weary warrior.

    (try saying that 3 times fast!… or like Elmer Fudd)

    Congrats, and keep up the good work.

  2. Jeremy Young:

    Congratulations, ZP! Well done and well-deserved.

  3. Dan tdaxp:

    Happy blog-birthday!  

  4. strategist:

    Good work Mark, and keep it up – I enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Lexington Green:


    The next five will be even better.

  6. Fabius Maximus:

    Congratulations on five years of first-rate contributions to the blog-o-sphere! 

  7. TDL:



  8. Stephen Pampinella:

    Well played, jedi master.  Congratulations.

  9. Larry:

    Wow, 5 years!

    So, are implicit or explicit rule-sets ever-changing?

  10. Eddie:

    Damn, half a decade?  Congrats for what has become from your hard work and original thought a highly successful endeavor not only for yourself (in traffic) but for your readers (continuing education and challenging discussion).

  11. Jay:

    Congratulations. Looking forward to many more years of your insight.

  12. Barnabus:

    Congrats!…let us know when the IPO is ready.

  13. zen:

    Thank you everyone, your kind remarks are much appreciated!

  14. CKR:

    Late as usual….congratulations!

  15. Sean Meade:

    5 years. is that all? i’m on my 8th! 😉

    but seriously: congratulations and well done! 🙂

  16. zen:

    Fashionably late though, Cheryl.
    Sean – you early adapter!!! 😉
    Thanks guys!