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Top Billing!!!  Pundita’s series “From Economic Collective to Police State”

Part I. From Economic Collective to Police State: Once Americans ceded control over their financial affairs they lost control of everything else, Part II. The Guardians of the Economy make their move: Part 2 of From Economic Collective to Police State, Part III. From Tofu to the Police State, Part IV Modern U.S. lawmaking and the original police state: Part 4 of “From Economic Collective to Police State”

….Mao famously said that all power comes from the point of a gun. Not in a republic it doesn’t. All power comes from the peoples’ control of their monetary wealth. Here wealth simply means an abundance — what money earners have left over after meeting all their expenses including taxes. Whoever controls this wealth rules because while taxation provides representation, only the crushing authority of wealth — how the people decide to spend, save, borrow, and invest their abundance of money — imposes the discipline on government that insures taxation produces honest and adequate representation.

So here is the bottom line about whether the United States will continue to exist as a republic: Just as there’s never been any such thing as a long lived monarch who doesn’t control his wealth, a “rule of the people” can’t last long unless the people control their wealth.

This control works out in practice to the people controlling their banking system. And by “people” I don’t mean “the government of the people.” I mean “the depositors.” I’ll expand on all this later but for any reader who thinks it can’t be that simple — tragically, it is that simple. The clearest indicator of where an independent nation stands on the freedom-oppression index is the state of its banking system, although the indicator is usually viewed, wrongly, as an effect and not a primary cause. But then how many American high school and college graduates have you met who know anything about  banking?

The bottom line was overlooked by political parties in the USA. Instead of focusing on the critical issue for a rule of the people, the parties encouraged voters to engage in distracting arguments about taxation and the size of government. All the while Americans ceded more and more control of their financial affairs by cooperating with fiscal and monetary policies designed to stave off another Great Depression.

For example, if the President appealed to the public to spend for the sake of the economy, Americans dutifully spent, even if this meant going into debt. If the Federal Reserve enacted policy that slashed the amount of interest banks paid depositors — policy meant to stimulate greater public spending and investment in the stock market — Americans who depended on income from the interest grumbled but didn’t picket the Fed or chain themselves to bank doors in protest.

In short, there was no need for a draconian regulatory regime or what people consider a police state because Americans were so cooperative with policies that eroded their control of their wealth. Then the Great Recession of 2008 struck. After that, everything changed. Many Americans ceased being cooperative. This alarmed the Guardians of the Economy.

I think Pundita has been reading John Robb….

Seydlitz89 –   President Putin’s Letter to the American People Regarding the Syrian Crisis 

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