Daemon by Daniel Suarez

I was not entirely happy with the amount of book reading that I accomplished in 2009 and this year I am going to shoot for both a larger number of books as well as more books that are fiction or relate to science. In this instance, both.

I picked up Daemon because of the exceptionally high praise given to Suarez’s new book, Freedom

TM by John Robb and Shlok Vaidya (Freedom is the sequel to Daemon and Robb has a blurb on the book jacket). They were right. Suarez is good. As in William Gibson good. Orson Scott Card good. Philip K. Dick good. You get the idea.

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  1. Lexington Green:

    Whoa.  That good?  Wow.  Ok. 
    Did you read The Diamond Age? 

  2. zen:

    Yeah, I’m enjoying it. Not as futurist as Gibson, explores/dramatizes tech in a more presentist way.
    No but I will put The Diamond Age on my Kindle list.

  3. Chris:

    Lex, Zen:

    Yep, it’s that good.  I was a little leery of this book because of the comparison to Gibson (Neuromancer was great, but Gibson hasn’t had a fastball for a LONG time now). 

    But, this…is really good.  It’s got superempowered individuals, cyberwarfare, and solid characterization.  Pick it up. 

    Semper Fidelis,

  4. zen:

    Hi Chris,
    I finished it a couple of days ago – a great read! I have a few non-fiction books to finish first, then I’m going to read Freedom(TM).

  5. Chris:

    Just finished Freedom TM (hey, don’t judge me–I can stop any time I want to).  You guys won’t be disappointed. 

    Of course, now my reading for Command and Staff is that much more boring.

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