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The War of Art Goes E-Book with FASTPENCIL

My friend, Steve Pressfield, is one high profile author unafraid to embrace the digital revolution:


One of the mantras of Writing Wednesdays is the ongoing effort to think like a professional, work like a professional, be a professional. But sometimes it’s not so bad to be a lucky amateur either–as long as you act like a pro and take advantage of luck.

To wit, here’s a serendipitous tale from a couple of weeks ago.

I had just received the umpteenth note–this time via Facebook–from a frustrated reader who was trying to order the Kindle eBook of The War of Art. (The Amazon page has been crashing regularly since it first went up.)  “Why,” the reader wanted to know, “does Amazon keep saying there’s no such book? And why can’t my wife get The War of Art for her iPad?”

I responded on Facebook by apologizing for the mess and explaining the various tech and contractual problems. To my surprise, I got a message right away from a third party, who happened to have spotted the exchange. His name is Michael Ashley and he wrote back: “I’ve got a new company and I can fix this whole snafu for you.”

A week later we were in business. Michael’s company is called FastPencil; he’s the Chief Technical Officer, which I guess means Main Computer Geek–although Michael clearly exceeded his job description by being a pro and reaching out to me, whom he didn’t know from Adam. It worked! We talked on the phone with his team and soon had all kinds of fresh solutions and expanded ways for readers to get The War of Art and, hopefully in the future, all my other books. 

FastPencil has set up The War of Art so the book can be ordered for Kindle or Ipad, Nook, SONY and a bunch of other eBook platforms.

The price will be $9.99 once all systems are fully up, but for two days next week–September 8th and 9th–the book can be ordered from this site for $1.99.  I’ll do a post on that Wednesday with a widget that will make it all happen with a couple of clicks.

FastPencil is an interesting company. It’s fun to work with people who are young and hungry, who are at the tech cutting edge and who have big plans and dreams.  FastPencil does hardback, paperback and on-demand publishing too; they’re in the process of corraling a stable of writers right now for a new imprint they call Premiere.  If you’re a writer and you’re struggling with the same eBook problems I was, shoot an e-mail to Michael Ashley–mashley@fastpencil.com–or Steve Wilson– swilson@fastpencilcom. Michael is the CTO, as I said, and Steve is the CEO/Prez. They’re hungry!

Read the rest here.

Outside of the obvious classics, there’s a handful of books I regularly recommend to friends and students, one of which is Steve’s  The War of Art, which should be on the shelf of every aspiring writer. $ 1.99 is a steal.

Fastpencil intrigues me.

2 Responses to “The War of Art Goes E-Book with FASTPENCIL”

  1. Lexington Green Says:

    I don’t see the link to buy WOA for the Kindle.  Is it up yet? 

  2. Larry Dunbar Says:

    I don’t even own a cell phone!

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