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On A Humorous Note…..

Joseph Fouche…..

Quoth Charles Cameron over at his blog (now featuring special guest blogger Mark Safranski):

Heh. We laugh because it is funny and we laugh because it is true.

I’m very happy to have Charles Cameron aboard at ZP and welcome his always stimulating postings here. I will also remind readers that Charles can also be found at Chicago Boyz, where he has become part of the stable of regular bloggers ( one including….Citizen Fouche!).

I have been taking some down time lately to deal with some issues in the intruding “real world”. My intention in the next few weeks is to focus on shorter but more frequent posts for a while and let Charles have free reign. Normal blogging on my part will resume relatively soon.

6 Responses to “On A Humorous Note…..”

  1. J. Scott Says:

    Charles is doing a great job—although the third "hipbone" post set me to thinking–just moments ago Kris threw water on my head to keep down the smoke:)) I still owe you something but have been busy with work/reading (post Boyd conf). Come back when you can…

  2. J. Scott Says:

    Charles is doing well, although his third "hipbone" post still has me thinking—Kris is keeping my head damp because of the smoke. Come back when you can. 

  3. T. Greer Says:

    I was thinking it about time to remove the ‘guest post’ part of Charles’ posts.

  4. J. Scott Says:

    Indeed, T. Greer:))

  5. zen Says:

    I take note of the advice from the esteemed readership.
    Attempting to pry…fingers….from…the blog….controls. LOL!  Sometimes we all need a push when the time comes to let go. Hmmm…..this tendency bodes poorly for my children’s future teen-age years 🙂
    On a serious note, I should discuss this with Charles and my absentee webmaster as this change would be just one of several unrelated, neglected, tech issues that require attention.

  6. J. Scott Says:

    Zen, You may delete the "second" comment or not—we miss you, but Charles is doing ok:)

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