Orlando Tweets Two

And finally, barely mentioned in the welter of opinions about Orlando — the other shoe:

JM Berger, We may have narrowly escaped having two very similar massacres on the same day, apparently unconnected

JM Berger, The fact that one was prevented and one was not is largely a trick of fate. We need robust reporting on LA incident as well

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  1. Ken Hoop:

    There indeed are multiple perspectives encouraging wide angle viewing apace but is there much of it which falls outside the “invade the world, invite the world” imperative of Anglo-Zionist empire: “make ’em there and here accept and hopefully love global capitalism, legitimatized gay lifestyle and Israel. Even if it kills us?”

  2. david ronfeldt:

    The NRA and its Republican cohorts claim their policies toward guns are conservative. But when I look at the cognitive underpinnings, their policies are not conservative — they’re libertine.
    Conservatism is fundamentally oriented toward boundaries (in contrast, liberalism is oriented toward horizons). Conservatives constantly define their policies and principles in terms of clear differences – i.e., boundaries – between sexes, races, religions, nations, as well as between government and society, life and death, etc. If a policy or principle is not based on some sense of boundaries, it is questionably conservative.
    There are only a few areas where conservative Republicans favor unbounded policies. Guns is a key area, where it’s alignment with the NRA is said to fully conservative. But is it? In being so unbounded, it contradicts true conservativism. It is not even liberal in the old-fashion sense. Rather, It is libertine.
    Indeed, the “free love” for guns espoused by the NRA and its conservative Republican cohorts is a functional equivalent to the libertine “free love” for sex espoused by hippies in the 1960s. Not really good for American culture.
    There is a boundary that the NRA and its Republican cohorts have generated in keeping with conservative principles. It’s a tribal boundary — between us and them — that keeps their members in line, and outsiders on edge. Hey, I am happy with the Second Amendment and with owning some guns. But when policies become so unbounded and so taken over by tribalists who aim to tribalize, something is deeply amiss at both cognitive and philosophical levels.