Sunday shame!

[ by Charles Cameron — my father fought and died for an end to this, well over fifty years ago, and now this.. ]


For the record —

— that little yellow star resurfacing on social media in 2018 USA, for shame.



  • BuzzFeed, A Reporter Got An Anti-Semitic Death Threat From A Trump Supporter
  • Twitter, Binyamin Appelbaum
  • **

    For shame?

    It’s all too easy to moralize. Happily for me, I was born on the “better angels” side of WWII.

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    1. Michael J. Lotus:

      At least as likely to be false flags as real. But you assume what the people who probably made these want you to assume. For shame.

    2. Charles Cameron:

      Both might be false flags as you suggest, Lex, or authentic expressions of antisemitism as seems entirely plausible to me — but I find it hard to believe the fellow who shot up the synagogue was false flag, and it’s the rage behind such an act that these illustrations are intended to invoke.