NWC Pandemic Response: Select Research & Game Findings

[ by Charles Cameron — aha, games get real a few months ahead of reality ]


NWC seems to have been prescient in their war gaming of an epidemic in September 2019, eh?

You’ll find the expanded game report here

So the distance between game and reality is slight —


The distance between doll and person..

So cute this.

A Dutch school teacher who was bored at home, knitted 23 dolls that look like her pupils. "This way I don't have to miss the pupils," she told a local newspaper.

Each kid received a picture of the doll. Most said they recognized themselves in it. #coronacrisis pic.twitter.com/k2JieUkRno

— Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) April 3, 2020


And while we’re at it, La vida es sueƱo.