A burqa-bikini DoubleQuote worth reconsidering

[ by Charles Cameron — in these days of #COVID19 ]


Bikini eyes burqa and vice versa:


I mask my face against the coronavirus.

I mask my face against the leering male gaze.

I’m a male — what should I do?

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  1. Sally Benzon:

    Dress in drag with a mask?

  2. Grurray:

    ‘Society is founded upon cloth’, as Thomas Carlyle once wrote, and, setting aside the issue of whether or not male domination drives the clothing standards of one culture or another, the cloth that would provide an immediate practical solution to the male’s question would then be a cloth that would cover his own eyes.

  3. Charles Cameron:

    Or cast your gaze on the ground?

    Be shell├Ęd, eyes, with double dark
    And find the uncreated light: