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Patricia, the gathering storm

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — spiral storming in the atmosphere, spiral vertiginous in the mind, inbound ]

Visual and verbal expressions of computational cognition:

SPEC Patricia visual verbal

Which conveys the most, which is most easily grasped, and how much do the models know?


  • Slatest, Patricia, Strongest Hurricane in History, Nears Mexico Landfall
  • Tribune, Forecasters: Patricia is strongest hurricane ever recorded in Western hemisphere
  • **

    Need to know, and why?

    SPEC Patricia need to know

    The zoom in, from need to know to why, exactly?


  • New York Times, Hurricane Patricia: What You Need to Know
  • New Scientist, Did climate change set the scene for hurricanes like Patricia?
  • **

    Cognitive dissonance:

    SPEC Patricia cog diss

    Cognitive dissonance, the human condition — or counterpoint, as understood by Bach and Glenn Gould?


  • NPR, Why Hurricane Patricia Can’t Be Blamed On Climate Change
  • Wired, Thank El Niño and Climate Change for Huge Hurricane Patricia
  • On confusing Liberty with Queen Victoria and the Blessed Virgin

    Friday, June 5th, 2015

    [ by Charles Cameron — ’tis but a short skip from iconography to iconoclasm ]

    Apparently it happens:


    In the case of Nairobi (upper panel), it is Queen Victoria who is mistaken for the Virgin Mary. In the case of Pretoria (lower panel), Justice is mistaken, variously, for both Her Majesty and Our Lady.


    Is it any wonder people get agitated about graven images?

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