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A few posts of note from the blogosphere…..

Stuart Berman has an imaginative take on personal identity IT security and the information age economy.

Thomas P.M. Barnett says that Coming Anarchy produced a review of PNM that showed that CA ” knows their rear end from their elbow”.

PHK at Whirledview – a new professional foreign policy blog on my blogroll ( Welcome!) – gets it wrong about Iran – but she gets it decently wrong in an honest argument and she probably represents the consensus view of the bipartisan foreign policy elite.

praktike at Liberals Against Terrorism on a Rand paper dealing with a typology of Muslim thought.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy on Iranian sponsorship of terror and ties to al Qaida. This is the sort of piece that drives Juan Cole bonkers but the author is a CFR anti-terrorism finance specialist and not just some kook with a blog.

That’s it.

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