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Not ready for prime time yet but it certainly looks good !

4 Responses to “”

  1. Michael Jones Says:

    w00t! Thanks for the link. And have fun on vacation! 🙂

  2. mark Says:

    Thanks Michael. No phone, no computer, no laptop, I’ll be disconnecting ;o)

  3. J. Says:

    That’s some seriously sick s@@t. man. I hope you’re not advocating that website. I mean, The Pinellas Park Three?? The man has some serious mental issues.

    So why is it that the right is the quickest to advocate violence when the federal govt doesn’t go their way? It’s just really sad, man. Let the courts and the doctors do their job.

  4. mark Says:

    Hi J.

    I cannot possibly be the advocate (or endorse) of every post written by every blogger on my blogroll and still have a variety of opinions and political perspectives. In this case, I linked because I liked the aesthetics of the bike design.

    I generally don’t favor the homogeneous blogroll concept and you can probably see for yourself that there are a lot of ppl there who would have a great deal to argue about.

    On the other hand, I have dumped a few blogs for engaging in what I would describe as racist and/or fundamentally dishonest lines of argument when those kind of posts came to my attention. I’ve also refused to blogroll other well-known blogs for the same reason even when asked to do so.

    So, that’s basically the Zenpundit blogroll policy.

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