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From Regan Walker at CITAR ” State Department Soldiers “

“One very big component of the SecDef’s review and subsequent revamping of the military is the apparent push for solutions that include the deployment of small ‘culturally savvy’ teams to train indigenous forces (Green Beret Style) as well as the ability to deploy these and other small US military forces to places where conflict is eminent to support the failing governments forces against any guerilla or terrorists groups from turning into a widespread insurgency. Officials behind the review hope to have several of such teams around the world in a proactive attempt to prevent failing and collapsed states from becoming havens for terrorist training and logistical basing. “

UPDATE I. Reagan has added a follow-up post ” Toothless System Administrators “.

From Marc Schulman at The American Future, ” Kojeve’s Latin Empire”

“With the defeat of the Axis powers, Kojeve immediately perceived that the defining characteristic of the post-war world was the predominance of two empires – the “Anglo-Saxon” and the “Slavo-Soviet.” He also foresaw that Germany would one day have to “cleave politically” to one or the other of these empires, and that it would choose to orient itself to the Anglo-Saxon side.

Within the context of what would become known as the bipolar world, Kojeve argued that an “isolated” France would lose its autonomy”

UPDATE II. Dan at tdaxp dissects the Latin Empire of Kojeve and finds a Carolingian core.

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