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There will some more posting later today. Much later actually because I will soon be out on the lake cruising in a friend’s boat drinking cocktails, enjoying the 80 degree blue sky weather and the bikini-clad scenery. Rough life I realize, but it can’t all be PNM, obscure historical analogies and fourth generation warfare theory:

Chirol at Coming Anarchy has begin an very intriguing series on the nature of Second Generation Empire (2GE) – it is only at the preface stage but there’s more to come.

Sam at The Useless Tree and PLS at Whirledview lodge strong disagreements with the Gitmo policy, though for different reasons.

Bruce Kesler savages Hussein Jane Fonda

Shoshanna at Dreams into Lightning points to an article by Samir Hassan at Friends of Democracy that undercuts the theological justification for jihad used by the Islamist terrorists.

Peter Lavelle’s weekly round-up of Russia experts discuss The Great Game.

Hoo-HA !

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  1. The Lounsbury Says:

    Without wishing to be excessively rude (well, actually why not?), aren’t the “Generation” theorists going more than a bit overboard labelling every bloody mother of a tweak or change in tactic or strategy “generation.” This Fourth, Fifth, etc. generation stuff leaves me more than cold.

    Of course, everyone should have their hobbies, but it rather seems a bit too special.

  2. mark Says:

    It could be overboard. Depends how they define their terms.

    A “generation” is evidently a big deal in the computer engineering field ( hardware aspect). 4GW for military tactics is pretty sound and makes a good deal of sense, being rooted in John Boyd’s ideas but it’s the concept of ” generations” and how they are defined that is attracting the negative criticism in military circles.

    There will be no posting tonightI fear, I’m sunburned, worn out and my better half is clamoring for attention.

  3. chirol Says:

    Sorry I was unable to comment earlier, but many thank you’s for the very kind recommendation. I’m posting the next installment in just a few minutes.

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