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I’m very sorry for the diminished posting the last few days. And email contact with several of you.

My powerpoint presentation has been rendered moot after much investment of effort, sweat, blood, tears and toil; and I have just had my ass handed to me tonight in high stakes Texas Hold’em. As in, on a platter, minimum ” 4″ to open. Normally this is far too rich for my blood but I was on fire earlier in the evening and managed by guile, luck and stealth to get above my station in life .To make matters worse I was a finalist before being taken to the cleaners by the arrogant, cigar-chomping, bitter-enders.


I am going to bed.

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  1. chirol Says:

    Real life, the natural enemy of the blogger.

  2. Dan tdaxp Says:

    That, and counting # of links on technorati, and counting # of hits with sitemeter, and fretting of whether all of your “visitors” are just poker bots, and….


    Dan tdaxp

  3. Matt McIntosh Says:

    Ouch! “Pride goeth before a fall,” Mark! That’s why I always set myself a finite limit for Hold ’em — once I’ve won (or lost) a certain amount for the day, I quit while I’m ahead and come back another day. It’s less exciting, but I can actually make money fairly consistently that way. đŸ˜‰

  4. mark Says:

    Hi guys,

    The tourny rules did not allow me to quit while I was ahead unfortunately. Everyone’s stakes were built on those of the losers- who I might add were roundly abused and laughed at in the process.

    It was fun while it lasted though :o)

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