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I have several meaty posts in the works that should be finished soon as well as a short piece for another website that I will link to when it is up.

Moreover, I need to answer the last comment ( and subsequent posting) from Curtis of Phatic Communion who is now taunting me as a closet neo-Platonist and the one from Dan of tdaxp ( whom I’d thought we’d lost to strong drink and the subtle pleasures of graduate school).

More later…..

2 Responses to “”

  1. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Mark, I’m not sure that Plato was entirely wrong…

  2. mark Says:

    “Mark, I’m not sure that Plato was entirely wrong…”

    True – if he had been entirely wrong he’d not have been Plato. I’m going to try and get a response to your well-crafted post tonight after I clear away the work from my desk.

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