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Fly away home, 007

[ by Charles Cameron — Putin the Magnificent and his gaggle of geese ]

--- upper image from the motion picture soundtrack album

In the film version, according to Wikipedia, there’s “an emergency landing at a U.S. Air Force base on Lake Ontario”


[ nothing too original here, the Guardian story mentioned the film ]

3 Responses to “Fly away home, 007”

  1. Mr. X Says:

    No comment on what the Kremlin image guys have come up with this time and what theyll come up with next. Perhaps they should send Vladimir Vladimirovich into orbit next?
    However I cannot deny that I see the Russian Orthodox Church being basically dragged through the mud, where innuendo rather than hard facts about ‘tobacco patriarchs’ are flying fast and furious, and where I cannot even trust the ‘facts’ the author presents uncritically in the link below, considering the long line of mendacity in reporting from Russia and the neurotic, petty personalities like Ed “Kaliningrad is occupied European territory” Lucas, Luke Harding (who’s wife worked at RIA Novosti/MosNews the entire time it turns out he was allegedly being hounded by the FSB), and some of the other Guardian reporters who include expensive dry cleaning among their top grievances against the hell that they present modern Russia to be.
    I wonder if any of these perfumed journalists have ever lived in a U.S. barrio, spent any time on the border, gone to a West Virginia coal mining town, or seen the shavs/yob hordes taking over their native Britain. I wonder in between denouncing corruption in Russia which is admittedly a severe problem if they ever noticed how British officials bow and scrape to all manner of corrupt officials who siphoned billions including the likes of Berezovsky before escaping justice and continue to be fugitives from it (perhaps Russia should just teach the UK a lesson and snatch B.B. right off a London street and extradite him back to Moscow court to face murder charges, including in the death of Paul Klebnikov — the same Demintern trendies calling for Assange’s head would be howling with rage).
    If it weren’t for London being infamous as the real estate and money laundering capital for the kleptocrats of the world, the UK economy would be Spain with worse weather.


  2. Mr. X Says:

    As the observer notes at the Twitter feed I found this on, if only the Western and even Russian elites could dissolve their people and elect another. Heck they’re already trying their darndest to do so in Los Estados Unidos del Norte, presumably hoping they can mass import a more compliant and less troublesome work force and electorate.

  3. Mr. X Says:

    But you may ask: Senor Equis, why do so many Western journos seem so disgruntled with Moscow, even if their lifestyle, their children’s international schooling, and even their health care at the Third Rome’s American or European clinics is on par with what U.S. Senators or MPs get back home rather than ordinary blokes put off for weeks by the NHS?
    Answer: because they see far too many apparently poorly educated (or at least non-educated looking, there are plenty of shaved head toughs with degrees in physics from MGU in Moscow) and occasonally loud/drunk Russians enjoying life and having loads more money than they have ever had. For the single blokes, the lack of interest in foreigners now and preference for minigarchs among the local beauties also hurts. I won’t even mention the single foreign ladies complaints against the local men, though if you ask me given how much hypergamy and preference for older men is more admitted in Russian than in American society Russian men probably get a bad rap. I can expect if the U.S. Great Depression 2.0 continues to deteriorate American brides seeking husbands in Austria, Australia, Canada, and Norway telling their fiances what awful brutes American men have become.

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