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Going golfing. Followed by a party into the late evening. No blogging today my friends, no blogging.

” Gambling is illegal at Bushwoods, sir…and I never slice……..DAMN !! “

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  1. Marc Schulman Says:


    I didn’t know that you suffer from the same fatal weakness I do. If you ever come down this way (Bonita Springs, FL), let’s get together. My club has several member-guests every season.

    Keep it on the short hairs.



  2. mark Says:

    Hey Marc,

    Thank you very much for the invitation – I have not been to Florida in quite some time but it would be great fun to hit the links together !

    I was definitely rusty yesterday. I would hit par on one hole and the next shoot, say, an 8. Out of practice, it was hard to string the skills together with any consistency. Chipping went very well but driving, not so much – damn trees kept grabbing my ball ;o)

  3. Anonymous Says:

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