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Due to some computer problems tonight related to my real world job that ate up, oh, four hours worth of my time – my post is, well, postponed :o)

But here are a few others worth reading:

Who are the Insurgents?” from the USIP ( Hat tip Tom Odom). The paper has some admirable detail and analytical depth and was written by an Israeli specialist on Iraq. A fusion with confusion on the Sunni spectrum.

On War Crimes; or, “What makes it immoral if you lose but not if you win?” by Curzon of Coming Anarchy who is on a blogging tear lately.

Dave has everything you might wish to know about Judge Alito

Curtis connects consilience, resilience, conservatism and Cicero in one post ( Cicero the Blogger not the Roman, though the historical Cicero certainly desired a resilient Republic)

Andis Kaulins the Lawpundit gives a comprehensive review of the legal questions regarding blogs, their content, RSS feeds, fair use, data harvesting, attribution and Implied Licenses. In other words, things you as a blogger should know but probably do not. Here also is Judge Posner on fair use doctrine.

That’s it.

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