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Note on Upcoming Boyd & Beyond Report

It is going to be a very large post with a multitude of pictures and links to presenters, Boydian papers and sites of interest.

Unfortunately, it is taking far more time than I would like given my awesomely craptacular personal and professional schedule. But I think it will be a better read if it is done right; the peeps who made the conference possible largely did so gratis – the least they deserve is some blogospheric recognition and link traffic.

I will link to other posts as they emerge.

By the way, California may be the location of the next Boyd and Beyond. Just FYI.

3 Responses to “Note on Upcoming Boyd & Beyond Report”

  1. J. Scott Shipman Says:

    Nice pic:)) I wanted to get the reading list out. Several duplicate titles from the last couple of years.

  2. zen Says:

    I have had worse. 🙂
    Trying to finish Lords of the Sea this week and then tackle my review books in a timely fashion. Also my report post which is coming along 

  3. Mr. X Says:


    Sounds like this natl security directive was Reagan’s own ‘Military Industrial complex’ moment — a kind of parting shot at those who felt the national security state existed for its own sake and the personal enrichment of its constituent members. Ike knew of what he spoke and Reagan despite his physical frailties also knew. That was of course the year Iran Contra started to break and before Rex 84 came out.

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