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It wasn’t a bad couple of days – driving out to Glenview and then north of Gurnee was probably more car time I’d have liked but the roads were snow free and we only saw one car burst into flames on the tollway this year.

On to today’s picks. No theme, just good posts:

From Amendment Nine – “ Here’s a Little Lemma” – some Constitutional political theory on the state of the Republic. Brings to mind the philosphical arguments between Adams and Jefferson.

From Dan of tdaxp his latest series on PNM Theory:

Embracing Defeat, Part I: Barnett’s Two Strategies
Embracing Defeat, Part II: Blood and Will
Embracing Defeat, Part III: The Born Gimp
Embracing Defeat, Part IV: Embracing Victory

From Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, IIFourth Generation War and Other Myths“(PDF) – probably best described as a scholarly equivalent of a nuclear strike against the ideas of William Lind and Dr. Chet Richards as presented at DNI. It will be interesting to see their response and since I see that they too have posted a link.

That’s it !

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  1. Dan tdaxp Says:

    I read Dr. Echevarria’s critique on 4GW on DNI this morning. I reviewed a similar piece by him earlier. He seems to confuse the System of Sovereign States that date to Westphalia with the emergency of nation-states in the years that follows – the Thirty Years War with the French Revolution. Also, his anti-Realist view of the First World War is interesting, but not as common as he implies. This stuff may be up Dr. Nexon‘s alley.

    Thanks for the links! 🙂

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