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A Handy intro to Networks

Blogfriend Rob Paterson has two concise posts up on understanding networks and network theory. If this is a subject you want to know more about, they are must-reads.

My Network Revealed – Now what can you learn about yours?


….Here is my social network as created by the Mapping tool on Linkedin. It’s not the 100% true picture but it looks like 90% to me. You can use their mapping tool by going here.

If I am right and we are moving to an economy that depends on our networks, then it is essential that we learn what each of our networks means and what we can do to make them healthier. So, with that in mind, let’s look at mine and I will share some lessons with you.

Next week, I will post a podcast that I recorded yesterday with the Master of Networks, Valdis Krebs. Anything I know is because of him. He will go much deeper than I – so this is an introduction.

Diversity – In nature diversity is a good thing – so it is with our social networks. You can see that I am connected to a series of worlds. PEI , Public Media, Network Thinkers, Family and I have 2 outside nets of New Military Thinkers and my legacy Corporate connections.

I think that this does not look too bad – I have good links into many fields. How does your world look? 

Our networks are like gardens, we can always make them better. We can always add and remove. We can always pay attention. ….

Read the rest here.

Human Networks – A masterclass by the Master Valdis Krebs – Podcast #networks

This is Valdis Krebs – The Galileo of human Social Networks – ie the person who shows us what they look like, when before they were invisible, and who shows us the simple rules that drive them. 

The few nations that were early into navigation and exploration in the 16th century, did very well. As we ourselves move into a world where all the advantages will accrue to those that understand Networks, I think it is vital that we understand how to navigate in the Network world. 

The problem that many of us have is that when we hear the work “Network” we think of TV networks or Telephone networks that are driven by the old rules of engineering. What Valdis talks about mainly are Natural Networks, of which human social networks are a part. These are driven by the rules of Emergence and Nature and NOT by the rules of the CEO.

The good news is that the Rules of Nature in this regard are simple to understand and to operate. 

Network copy
This is the “Map” that we are now going to explore.

Read the rest here.

Valdis Krebs is indeed the master of network-mapping and leveraging social networks


2 Responses to “A Handy intro to Networks”

  1. Robert Paterson Says:

    You are kind – thanks

  2. Daniel F. Bassill, D.H.L. Says:

    Thanks for this article Charles. Valdis and I connected a few years ago through mutual friends we met on-line. I’ve been trying to map the growth of the Tutor/Mentor Connection network from 1993 to today to show how the intentional actions of a few people can build a powerful force for social change. If we can demonstrate this and teach others to be “network builders” we can perhaps make a dent in some of the problems we face locally and globally.
    I’ve created a page on my web site where I point to articles by others as well as to some work I’ve been doing. http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/sna
    This is a different form of mapping than geographic mapping, but if combined we can do more to get the ‘right’ mix of people in the same geography to begin talking, sharing ideas and working together. I have too few resources to do more than nibble around the edges of this potential but hope to become connected (through our networks) to others who have more resources to devote to this.

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