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My book buying, which is now beyond all sensible bounds, has led me to pick up Admiral Stansfield Turner’s new Burn Before Reading: Presidents, CIA Directors And Secret Intelligence and I find I like Admiral Turner far more as a popular historian and commentator on Intelligence than I liked him as DCI. While I am familiar with most of the stories Turner is relating, in every case he throws in some nuggets that I have never heard before; I guess being a former DCI opens a lot of doors when you are researching a book. Moreover his personal observations on the historical figures that Turner knew or worked alongside are illuminating in themselves.

On a related note, I direct your attention toward ” Improving CIA Analytic Performance: Analysts and the Policymaking Process” from the Sherman Kent Center For Intelligence Analysis. Short but worthwhile read.

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  1. Tom Says:

    I know what you mean. I have at least a score of books I own and haven’t read myself, yet I still manage to buy books and visit the library to increase my consumption. And that’s without the “hmm, I might want to read that at some point” list, plus all the classics I never read…

  2. mark Says:

    hi tom,

    Please, don’t even mention the ” read at some point” list. :o)

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