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Lots to see..lots to see…..

Chirol at Coming Anarchy produced an intriguing three-part series applying PNM theory to the domestic sphere. PART I, PART II, PART III. And Chirol caught Dr. Barnett’s attention on other matters too.

Bruce Kesler at Democracy Project has advice for all of you blogging, aspiring, pundits who hope to have an op-ed someday in The New York Times. ( also check out Mr. Kesler’s article in Editor & Publisher )

Sean Meade, having some Chinese at Interact.

Marc at American Future has an excellent online Iran Bibliography

John Robb at Global Guerillas has a thoughtful op-ed piece on Iran – he has identified the position of the Bush administration very concisely – and offers a brainy paper on how networks evolve Rule-sets ( one that may look familiar to one Dr. Von).

Which brings us of course to Dr. Barnett’s recent posts on Iran. I think Tom had the ideal strategic dynamic nailed but this scenario is simply not going to happen ( No offense, Tom – though I’d rather you be right and me be wrong, I think the reverse will shake out, barring some Iranian Lee Harvey Oswald finding a convenient Teheran Book Depository window).

OTOH, I warmly endorse that you check out Dr. Barnett’s “Development in a Box” post – big things are happening there with Tom and Steve. Congratulations, guys !

Eddie at Live From the FDNF continues to prod our collective conscience on Dar Fur. Don’t stop Eddie, a tipping point will come.

That’s it !

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  1. Sean Says:

    thanks for the link, Mark.

    and i like your style in this post, with bold for websites and normal for links.

    but i’m probably to lazy to replicate it. i always figure ‘well, the main site is included in the specific cite, right?’

    (and other words that rhyme đŸ˜‰

  2. mark Says:

    True, true but I lie to have both so readers can click either the site or the post as they like. Plus it gives the site an extra link for ecosystem purposes.

  3. mark Says:

    Ha ! should read ” like” not ” lie”.

    Perhaps a Freudian slip in regard to that high machiavellian score I racked up.

  4. Eddie Says:

    The John Robb op-ed is excellent, thanks for sharing that link and the others, as well as linking to my own post.
    I sincerely hope that tipping point comes soon….

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