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Across my tweet-deck this day shone…

[ by Charles Cameron — h/t Arash Karami ]

Across my tweet-deck this day shone this illuminating picture of Ahmadinejad with Khamenei:

Simple. Elegant. Eloquent.


2 Responses to “Across my tweet-deck this day shone…”

  1. zen Says:

    Wow! Ahmadinejad is REALLY short!
    On a serious note, this was about as staged for effect as can be, almost like the self-conscious care that went into posed photographs of Soviet leaders. My only question is the degree to which the posturing plays into traditional Shia imagery/ narratives and how much is normal and generic “political” messaging. Mossadegh, who we overthrew back in ’53 was thought to be cracked by the State dept. officials – in reality his verbal/gestural histrionics were a form of moving Shia/Persian oratory that simply translated poorly

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Hi Zen:
    I think he is a little shorter than the Ayatollah, but he also gets to sit on a different level…

    That pic was posted shortly after he ended his nine- or ten-day walkout.
    I don’t read Ahmadinejad’s expression in the first photo as a very happy one.

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