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For whatever reason – being trendy is my guess, though control-freakishness or co-worker stupidity with spam and viruses is not to be excluded – my place of work has blocked all the mainstream, major, email sites. So if you send something to zenpundit@hotmail.com during normal business hours I am now unlikely to see it until late evening. Thus, email responses from me ( and I try to respond to everyone in a timely fashion, though, admittedly, I do not always succeed) are now subject to a minimum 24 hour delay.

If anyone knows of a reliable but obscure email service that flies under most IT department radar (I know they have blocked only specific sites) I’m open to suggestion for an alternative.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mark, with Gmail (google) you can login either under http or https at the start of the URL. The https is encrypted and is usually not blocked by sysadmins. You’d have to set it up and check it though.

  2. Eddie Says:

    Ah, your work decided to imitate the Navy’s e-mail policies. My condolences. You could use proxy servers, or for example, have you tried logging into your YAHOO! account via an international portal like Yahoo! UK or Yahoo! Singapore?

    We were able to do that for like two months before the Navy caught on and closed that loophole.

    Also if you use G-Mail you can set it up to forward all inbound e-mails to your work e-mail. I do this a lot because the Kitty Hawk e-mail server is garbage.

    Best of luck with your local workplace battlefront of the war on morale.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Use this to sneek past the filter.



  4. mark Says:

    Thank you all very much ! I appreciate it and will try a multiprong strategy to defeat the forces of darkness :O)

  5. purpleslog Says:

    I’ve been thinking of buying a Nokia 770 (http://www.nokiausa.com/770) for the same reason.

    There are enough free wireless access points around where I work – downtown Milwaukee) that I could use that to check email or blog when I need to). It can also use a cell phone’s internet/data service (but I am too cheap for that).

    I think Sony has something like it coming out, butI can not remember the name.

  6. Dimitar Vesselinov Says:

    Web Email Market: An Overview

  7. purpleslog Says:

    The Sony device I mentioned is the “Sony Mylo”.

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