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An eclectic bunch. Varied but exceptionally good:

Dave at Thoughts Illustrated – “The Atomizing Hand” and “The Economics of Media 2.0

The Drs. Eide at their Neurolearning Blog – “Link to Visual Processing PPT

Dr. David Friedman at Ideas -“The Economics of Status

Dan of tdaxp – “Genetics and Warfare in the Age of Non-State Actors?” ( Take away the question mark and you have a killer title. I also recommend that you check out Dan’s Learning Evolved series)

Critt has given Conversationbase a major overhaul and launched Project Honduras News.

Col. Austin Bay had a fantastic article up at Strategy Page. (Hat tip Tom )

The late Colonel John Boyd at DNI – his classic ” Aerial Attack Study

Eddie at Live From the FDNF – “Licensed To Kill Review

That’s it !

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