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Let us not waste too many words on the late Saddam Hussein, at best he tasted only a small measure of the misery and fear he dealt out to hundreds of thousands of Iraqis but as he had but one life to give for his crimes, that will have to be enough.

Predictably, the special pleading is rolling in from Sunni, Palestinian and pan-Arab apologists for Saddam, sounding remarkably like elderly Nazis and Stalinists defending their respective monsters. As if Saddam’s tyranny ever took a holiday for Eid. Where were these false pieties when Saddam was in power? Perhaps if the complainers should begin to petition Khartoum, Teheran and Damascus to ease up on human-rights violations, I’ll give their hand-wringing over Saddam’s execution a shred of credence.

Until then, this was exactly the demographic we intended to upset and demoralize by bringing Saddam to justice.


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