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“The war between Germany and Russia is not a war between he two states or two armies, but between two ideologies–namely, the National Socialist and the Bolshevist ideology. The Red Army must be looked upon not as a soldier in the sense of the word applying to our western opponents, but as an ideological enemy. He must be regarded as the archenemy of National Socialism and must be treated accordingly”

General Reinecke of OKW , on Hitler’s “Commisar Order”.

Benjamin Schwarz reviews the latest historical scholarship of the frozen meatgrinder called the Eastern Front, in ” Stalin’s Gift” in The Atlantic.

Historian Norman Davies is dead wrong on Soviet participation in Hitler’s defeat “tarnishing” the war. Ok, I’m understating. Frankly he’s a borderline idiot. What would he have prefered ? A Nazi empire from the Azores to the Urals ? The U.S. carpet bombing Europe with atom bombs in 1946? What ?

A great historiographic review that added a number of books to my reading list.

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  1. Nonpartisan Says:

    ZP, consider yourself tagged.

  2. subadei Says:

    LOL. I’m one of the cheap bastards that doesn’t have (but have been meaning to purchase) a subscription.

    In light of that, was it Stalins signing of a non-aggression pact with Germany in 1939 that influences Davies “tarnished” opinion?

    Oh and congrat’s on being “tagged.”

  3. mark Says:

    Much thanks Nonpartisan – I really appreciate the nod! I’ll fulfil my part and tag others tonight.


    Davies is echoing an argument about America’s participation in the war that is often heard on the political extremes, both left and right, who would like to de-legitimize the WWII victory( though for different reasons).

    Stalin was a moral monster on par with Hitler and Hitler ( fortunately for us) betrayed him. Stalin fought Nazi Germany only because Hitler had put his back to the wall. “Uncle Joe” feel-good propaganda aside, these things were well understood by everyone at the time. Letting Nazi Germany annex the resources of Western Eurasia by remaining neutral would have only bought a few years of peace ( at best) before the Germans began the next war in a far stronger strategic position.

    Churchill was right when he said that if Hitler invaded Hell he’d have found a kind word for the Devil in the House of Commons. We allied with a cautious Devil to defeat an impatient and reckless one.

  4. subadei Says:

    “We allied with a cautious Devil to defeat an impatient and reckless one.

    I think that sums it up quite well.

    Thanks for the insight.

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