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Frank Hoffman at SWJ BLOG – “Global Guerrillas
A SWJ review of Brave New War.

Freakonomics blog – “Straight From the Black Swan’s Mouth An interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb ( Hat tip: Kent’s Imperative and Shloky)

Fester at The Newshoggers -“Urban resiliency

Further discussion on the implications of Global Guerillaism in an urban center.

PHK at Whirledview -“Bernard Fall: Memories of a Soldier-Scholar – book review essay

I disagree with PHK that we “backed the wrong side” in Vietnam ( what were we going to do, help consolidate a Stalinist regime in the late 1940’s even as we were trying like hell to keep Communism out of Italy, France, West Berlin and Greece? How would have Acheson and Truman made that work?) though we certainly did back the politically inept side. Nevertheless, a well-written essay about one of the fathers of COIN whose ideas need greater circulation today.

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  1. A.E. Says:

    Acheason and Truman couldn’t, but Kissinger could. Co-opting Ho Chi Minh would have been the ultimate act of realpolitik

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