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This is from searchCrystal – in beta version presently. Readers – give it a spin and ( if you have time)sound off in the comments. I’m going to play around with it a bit myself.

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  1. NYkrinDC Says:


    The embed in your post doesn’t load on Firefox, I just get a blank screen. It loads fine when I go to the SearchCrystal website.

    That said, it’s a cool gadget. It’s like Flipdog 2.0, with mashable content.

  2. searchCrystal Says:

    Mark, the embedded crystal on this page loads fine for me in Firefox, using Windows and version
    May be it was just a temporary glitsch.
    I am one of the developers of searchCrystal, please send feedback and suggestions how to improve, enhance this new service feedback@searchcrystal.com. Thanks.

  3. NYkrinDC Says:

    The embed works on my home computer running Windows XP/FF, but at work, running the same programs it does not load properly.

    Also, I meant that the gadget was like dogpile 2.0, not flipdog.

    I knew there was a dog in it somewhere. 🙂

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