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Props to Curtis for his altruistic act of blogospheric historiography in creating an online 5GW Timeline. It will be highly useful to know exactly who said what/when before writing any more 5GW posts. Thanks, Curtis!

Dreaming 5GW is on a roll lately. Check out Shane Deichman’s xGW Evolution: Purely Reactionary” and Subadei’sHammes 5GW Redux:Via Phil” ( original post by Phil at Pacific Empire is here, plus Phil’s previous ““Fourth-generation warfare expert to speak in Wellington on Monday”).

Great work, gentlemen.

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  1. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Thanks for the links and props, Mark!

    The process of filling in the timeline takes, er, time, but is quite fulfilling, so far. For me, as I mentioned on D5GW, it is a study tool as well as a good resource for future thinking on the subject. I’m discovering things I had forgotten or overlooked when these blog posts and articles were originally published (or when I read them.)

  2. subadei Says:

    Thanks Mark!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am aware that I’m a few years behind the curve on all this but I have spent the weekend reading Col Hammes’ “The Sling and the Stone”. It’s a masterpiece. One of the most sophisticated bits of writing I’ve ever read on “big picture” propaganda. He should be given a job running public diplomacy operations for the White House.

  4. mark Says:

    “He should be given a job running public diplomacy operations for the White House”

    I would not hold your breath on that one, Anon. :o)

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