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Recommended Reading

A crisp but cool Sunday morning yields some intriguing reads….lotta mil-theory out there today….

Chuck Spinney at DNI “Will A Strategic Bombing Campaign Defeat Iran?”

As much a critique of EBO as it is of the wisdom of a making war on Iran by one of Colonel John Boyd’s collaborators.

Adam Elkus at Dreaming5GW – “Darknet: A Model For 5GW Organization

John Robb at Global Guerillas – “GUERRILLA GROUP SIZE IN IRAQ

Steve DeAngelis at ERMB – “Modeling Swarm Behavior

Robert Kaplan – ” It’s the Tribes, Stupid

Fabius Maximus – “The Essential 4GW reading list: chapter 3, David Kilcullen

A comprehensive online bibliography of Dr. Kilcullen’s work.

The PMC Blackwater has signed up Graf von Zeppelin !!  ( Hat tip to JR at Edgewise and to Blackwater Facts)

The USG declassifies the origins of nuclear warfighting strategy -” Massive overkill” SIOP-62, SIOP-63

That’s it!

UPDATE:  Matt at Mountainrunner was all over the airship thing a long, long time ago.

8 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. ComingAnarchy.com Says:

    The effects of dropping the bomb…

    Chuck Spinney, one of the Boyd Acolytes, discusses the problems of a strategic bombing campaign on Iran.

    Though he doesn’t say the words he is criticizing the EBO logic that dates back to Douhet. I think it is a solid point. To get the other s…

  2. deichmans Says:

    Good to see Chuck back on D-N-I.  He’s been touring the Med in his sailboat for the past few years (since retiring from OSD).  Perhaps the only rank-and-file GS-grade analyst to grace the cover of TIME magazine when he blew the whistle on air platform overspending, his logic is that "Versailles on the Potomac" is more palatable when viewed from afar…. 🙂

  3. zen Says:

    Hi Shane,

    I recall that Spinney exposed enormous cost overruns for equipment with faked test results ? Something like that. Made a huge splash.

  4. Mithras Says:

    [B]ombing yet another Islamic country that had nothing to do with 9-11, in the seething caldron of Southwest Asia, could very well unleash a regional conflagration that escalates far beyond our diminished our moral, mental, and physical capacity to control or contain.

    Good insight; too bad it’s five years too late.

  5. A.E. Says:

    Thanks for the nod!

    Also, Spinney’s work is always a delight to read.

  6. zen Says:

    Hi Mithras,

    I’m not all that familiar with Spinney’s views but DNI, which Spinney co-founded, while focused on effective military strategy and performance, tends toward anti-interventionism in foreign policy. William Lind, the arch-paleocon at DNI, also writes for Antiwar.com, for example.

    Chime in if you like here A.E. as you write for DNI as well and have had more contact than I.

  7. Fabius Maximus Says:

    I cannot speak for the other authors on DNI, but my read is that few are "anti-interventionist in foreign policy."   

    How many types of intervention do they write about?  Foreign aid.  Recommending greater human rights by means of moral suasion.  Intervention by use of diplomacy and international agencies.  There is a large spectrum of means about which I see little written on DNI — and even less in opposition.

    The bomb and shoot interventions are another matter.  Expensive.  Frequent and serious blowback.  Poor record of efficacy, plus frequent and massive failure.  Yes, I agree that "military interventions" are often opposed by most of the folks writing on DNI.

  8. zen Says:

    A good qualifier FM – thank you.

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