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Recommended Reading

A longer one:

Top Billing! Matt Armstrong’s  extensive analysis of the DoD ” retired Generals” IO story -“What’s Behind the Hidden Hand is the Real Story“, “Smith-Mundt: a symposium to discuss its purpose, intent, and impact (the symposium that isn’t likely)”, “Exum’s Strategic Miscommunication and Smith-Mundt“, “Hidden Hand follow up“.

Threatswatch (Jay Fraser) -“Complex and Fundamental Contradictions of the GWOT

Kings of War -“AQ as Oddfellows?

Ross Mayfield -“Whipping up a batch of effective communications

The Strategist -“Vengeance is Mine

Steve DeAngelis -“The Growing Concern over Small Nukes

Presentation Zen-“Business manga: presenting Daniel H. Pink’s latest book

Knowledge Ecology Studies– “Life, the Internet and Everything: An Interview with Bruce Sterling” (Hat tip Munzenberg)

Err…hey…anybody ever notice that Swedish Meatballs Confidential and Kent’s Imperative tend to go “dark” at around the same time ? Gee, kinda like tracking pizza deliveries to the Pentagon….LOL!

Thoughts Illustrated -“The Long Tail of David Armano

Selil Blog New! to the Blogroll!

SolvationNew! to the Blogroll!

ubiwar.com– New! to the Blogroll!

IntelFusion -New! to the Blogroll!

Smitten Eagle – New! to the Blogroll!

Complex Terrain Laboratory -New! to the Blogroll!

That’s it!

2 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. ubiwar Says:

    Zen, thanks for the add – much appreciated.

  2. strategist Says:

    Thanks for the link, Mark.

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