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Added to the Blogroll

Please welcome Elected Swineherd !

On a sadder note: 

Kicked off the blogroll and banned for shady, backstage, conduct unbecoming of a decent blog:

Democracy Project

First time I’ve ever had to do that. Hopefully the last. I mention it only because I’ve previously guest-posted at DP and given them a fair number of links on behalf of a blogger and friend no longer associated with this crew.  I no longer endorse the site nor can I recommend it to others.

6 Responses to “Added to the Blogroll”

  1. Jeremy Young Says:

    I take it you won’t be sharing any details?

  2. zen Says:

    LOL!  No, but I’ll allow the injured party/parties to sound off here should they choose to do so.
    Other than that, I will have no future dealings with DP.

  3. Brent Tantillo Says:

    It says a lot about you sir that you are willing to call people swine without getting both sides to a story. 

  4. zen Says:

    Except today.
    Hello Brent,
    First, I never said that you were a "swine". That would be an ad hominem attack on your worth as person and unfair. I said "shady", a descriptor of behavior. Substantively two different things and that difference is an important one.
    Secondly, I sat on this for a few days to see what might happen in the interim and did not blast DP right out of the gate. I’m sure you have your side of the story in this dispute. That’s not the point here, Brent.  There are graceful ways to handle conflict with associates or separation and ways that tend to stir up greater friction and if you go the latter route in life you can expect third parties to draw conclusions.

  5. Diodotus Says:

    Thanks for the post and the link…  I shall do my damnedest to stay on your good side, though I can’t vouch for my compatriots. Cheers.

  6. zen Says:

    Hi Diodotus,
    You all came with a sterling endorsement. 🙂  No worries.

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