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Sunday surprise 7: HRH Prince Charles

[ by Charles Cameron — two more short videos in my series of Sunday Suprises, aiming for unexpected delight & continuing Brit-USian amity ]

Here in a nutshell is a glimpse of why I admire and like HRH:

And I’ve chosen this example of Leonard Cohen, not for the line “where the light gets in” which has been quoted too often for its own good, but for “the holy dove, she will be caught again”.

There’s so much more in this song to learn, to take in, to “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest” as the prayer book says.

Hoping you’ll take some pleasure in one or both of these clips this Sunday!

One Response to “Sunday surprise 7: HRH Prince Charles”

  1. J. Scott Shipman Says:

    Splendid, Charles!
    It has been years since I thought of Cohen—his Hallelujah is a favorite (both the original and the Jeff Buckley versions). Thanks! 

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