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Recommended Reading

Special Dual Top Billing!!:

CTLab From the Lake of Fire: Responsible Technology

Tim Stevens invokes Milton, philosophy, physics and the Singularity in discussing the future of cyberspace.

Kotare – The Strategist A letter to the leaders of small states

How can the few stand against the many ? And thrive? The Strategist explains how.

Now for the best of the rest:

Small Wars Journal The Manoeuvre Warfare Fraud (Full PDF Article) by Wilf Owen.

Wilf managed to provoke a very robust debate with this jeremiad ( a debate that I regret not having been able to join) against Manuver Warfare generally and concepts articulated by William Lind and John Boyd in particular. In turn, Col. Eric Walters posted a strong rebuttal to Owen at SWJ Blog entitled “Fraud or Fuzziness? Dissecting William Owen’s Critique of Maneuver Warfare” and then entered into a debate/discussion with Owen and other members at the Small Wars Council.

Brad DeLong Understanding the Three Ways of Dealing with Financial Crises

My personal experience with DeLong was in long past H-Diplo discussions where he impressed me as quite bright and reasonable whether we were on the same side of a question or not. A partisan guy but also a first rate economist. Hat tip to Glittering Eye.

Global Guerillas  JOURNAL: The Weaknesses of Highly Optimized Systems

John Robb was generally en fuego this week. Analytically speaking, he lives for times like these.

PunditaNorth Korea and the Russia Card (UPDATED 12:50 PM ET)

Miss Pundita postulates a tie between North Korean antics and the Russo-Georgian War.  A reasonable possibility for a friendless regime and an irritated Muscovite psuedo-Tsar.

Robert Kagan – “The September 12 Paradigm

Kagan, in this article for Foreign Affairs,  attempts to define ( or redefine) his times

NewScientist.comInvention: Muscle Fatigue Blocker

Our future soldiers and athletes will have cocktails of exotic nutriceuticals running through their veins

Pajamas MediaLive From Blogworld: The Political Blogosphere in Transition by Rick Moran

Rick actually lives not too far up the road from me and does a radio show as well as blogging. We had a beer together once, along with Dave Schuler, in an odd little rural roadside bar being encroached upon by creeping suburbia.

Democracy Journal – “Picking a President” by Joseph Nye

On leadership ( registration required)

That’s it!

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