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25 shots ? Where’s the 250 Round Belt ?

A Christmas present for the Son of Zenpundit was set up tonight….and I have to say, it’s pretty darn cool.

8 Responses to “25 shots ? Where’s the 250 Round Belt ?”

  1. Jeremiah Says:

    Pic doesn’t work for me

  2. Mark Says:

    Santa was close to bringing this for little Von, but it may have fallen out of the sleigh on his magical journey…couldn’t quite ‘pull the trigger’ on the purchase (pun intended).  I just hope Son of Zen has a chance to play with it.  Happy holidays!

  3. Mithras Says:

    Where’s the 250 Round Belt?

    Well, Dad could always find nine more belts and hook them together, and store them in an ammo box from the surplus store.

    Just don’t let him go around wearing them Pancho-Villa style. Don’t want to instill bad habits.

  4. zen Says:

    Hi Jeremiah,
    What browser/connection are you using? It checks out on my end.
    Hi Von,
    Perhaps for Von the Younger’s birthday? We’re experimenting with adding "whistling" rounds as "tracers" as SoV shoots Batman figures.
    Hi Mithras,
    Agreed, the Pancho Villa look is passe ( in a weird coincidence, I started my career in an community heavily settled by the descendents of Villa’s disbanded guerilla army). If I can get nine belts without buying nine guns I’d be game for that

  5. Smitten Eagle Says:

    This is obviously a weapon of 5GW.

  6. Seerov Says:

    Its good to see that kids are still given toy firearms in this era of political correctness (AND A BELT-FED GENERAL PURPOSE MACHINE-GUN NO LESS!!!) .  This gives me hope that there’s still hope for this country. 
    I especially like that the weapon has a tripod option.  If and/or when your son has/gets another sibling (assistant gunner), they can work on crew drills together. 

  7. Smitten Eagle Says:

    Hopefully they are taught on the importance of interlocking fields of fire, covering dead zones with indirect fires, drawing range cards, the use of Support-By-Fire positions, and alternate/supplementary fighting positions.
    Furthermore, perhaps some nerf semi-auto rifles with water balloons can be of use when teaching the kids on how to reduce strongpoints.  And a little fire and movement!
    Headspace?  Timing?  Assembly and disassembly drills?  Immediate action for stoppages?  I can go on and on!
    Good stuff, Zen.  The future of the 2nd Amendment just got a little stronger this Christmas.

  8. zen Says:

    Hi Seerov,

    The tripod is very helpful, without it boys in the SoZ age bracket would have trouble doing any kind of real aiming, given the unwieldy size of the Vulcan.
    Hi SE,
    We had an extended practice of loading the cartriges, putting the belt in the ammo box, unjamming the gun before SoZ was turned loose so Dad would not be called every two minutes : ) We set up some targets in the basement and the Eldest was a "moving target" for her brother on several ocasions.
    Interlocking fields of fire will have to wait until he has some comrades – his cousin also received a Vulcan. We have done the water gun/balloon assault last summer

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