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[ by Charles Cameron — I got caught in a cascade of images, swept away — and then, Mao ]

This gesture seems to me to have the quality of a caress…

in which case a caress in Kyiv is not so different from piano music in that same city…

or, as it might be, cello music in Sarajevo…

or for that matter, simply standing motionless in Tienanmen Square…

or planting flowers in Washington, DC…

Caresses, music, stillness, flowers… there’s a kinship there.


But then again, maybe these gestures are too idealistic for the realist’s “real world” — and to quote Chairman Mao in refutation of that last image:

Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”


I keep coming back to that first image — stunning!

The thing about it — to my eye — the humanity is clearly visible on both sides…

2 Responses to “Gestures”

  1. Grurray Says:

    Charles,  the charm offensive seems to be a recurring tactic
    This picture was making the news wire rounds last month:

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Many thanks, Grurray. Okay, here it is, from Switzerland this time:

    and let’s add “food” to our list — caresses, kisses, music, stillness, flowers.. food:

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