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New Adds for the Antilibrary


Dr. Chet Richards Certain to Win

Dr. Grant T. HammondThe Mind of War: John Boyd and American Security

3 Responses to “New Adds for the Antilibrary”

  1. Lexington Green Says:

    I read Hammond.  It was good.  A good companion to Corum, less scholarly, more of an overview, than Osinga.  Corum = the man; Hammond = overview of the man’s thought; Osinga = a deep, critical analysis of the man’s thought.
    Haven’t read Chet’s book.  Probably should.

  2. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the heads up.  I will have to check out these two gems.  I am a big fan of everything Boyd–I even have a Building Snowmobiles category on my blog Feral Jundi.  His ideas have been very inspirational to me.  I will also link this blog on FJ as well.  Cheers. -matt

  3. YT Says:

    I’d second Hammond’s work on Boyd. I’m not really done readin’ Richard’s work though, but it offers great aspects if you’re into strategy that’s business related. Haven’t seen any of Osinga’s work though. What’s it like?

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